Highly Credit 5052 Aluminum Plate Suppliers in Vietnam
Sep 15, 2021

Henan Alu Factory 5052 aluminum plate suppliers, as top 10 aluminum plate/coil manufacturers in China, has 3 major production bases covering an area of 1.3 million square meters, and has set up several offices in the international market, separately located in China, Vietnam, South Korea and other places. For the 5052 aluminum sheet, is Haomei representative product with great advantages! As we all know, 5052 aluminum plate is the most suitable raw materials used in Marine diesel tanks, chimneys, portholes, ladders, masts and other components in ships, as well as truck air brake tanks, automobile fuel tanks and gas tanks, etc. So, 5052 aluminum plate has important practicability !

Highly Credit 5052 Aluminum Plate Suppliers in Vietnam

Henan Alu Factory 5052 aluminum plate suppliers have long been cooperating with Vietnamese clients in the international market. Not long ago,   Henan Alu Factory has again received an email from Vietnam client. This client indicated to us that he needed to purchase 5052 h32 aluminum sheet with a thickness of 1.2mm. Therefore ask us for CIF Haiphong port quote. At the first time we received the customer's inquiry,  Henan Alu Factory e-commerce department quickly matched to the most suitable business for docking and negotiation. After careful analysis of the customer's mail, our business communicated with the customer over the phone, understood the specific usages, provided the customer with the technical product parameters, and then sent three 1.5mm*330mm*620 mm (T*W*L) samples. After the Vietnamese client's inspection, the all performance of the Haomei 5052 h32 aluminum sheet conforms to the standards, so the final order of 60 tons of 5052 aluminum sheet, the specification is 1.2 * 1170 * 1830, 30 tons, 1.2 * 1170 * 1920, 30 tons, was safely delivered to Haomei 5052 aluminum plate suppliers !

It is worth mentioning that,  Henan Alu Factory 5052 marine aluminum sheet suppliers have been the first to obtain DNV/BV/LR/ABS/CCS class certificates from global 5 authoritative classification society certification!  In addition, the Haomei 5052 aluminum plate also obtained automotive aluminum SGS certification, successfully practice in the manufacture of automotive components! These are not enough,  Henan Alu Factory5052 aluminum plate suppliers also provide global users with 1-8 series alloy products, complete grades, customized specifications, wide use, preferential price, original factory warranty ! Let the global client trust purchase and use! So, don't hesitate to consult and purchase ! Come on!

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