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5182 Aluminum Sheet For Can Pull Ring
Sep 09, 2021

5182 aluminum sheet for can pull ring is popular aluminum cans alloy. Here, Mingtai 5182 aluminum sheet for can pull ring's production design is based on superior performance, primarily in terms of workability and deep drawing performance. In addition, we also provide 3004, 5052 aluminum alloys, etc, which are also used in can bottom, can lid, etc.

5182 Aluminum Sheet For Can Pull Ring

Advantages of 5182 Aluminum Sheet for Can Pull Ring

1. High hardness, smooth surface, suitable for processing

5182 aluminum sheet for can pull ring is a high magnesium alloy, which belongs to non-heat treatment alloy.It has good strength, good corrosion resistance and good machinability.It has a high surface finish and is ideal for post-processing such as striping and slicing.


2. Uniform thickness, flat shape and durability

5182 aluminum sheet for can pull ring is flat, in order to ensure the stability of the later processing;Accurate thickness control ensures a thickness tolerance of ±0.005mm to fully meet customer requirements.


3. Light weight, heat resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, durable

Aluminum cans alloys have the advantages of light weight, heat resistance, good electrical conductivity, tasteless, non-toxic, good printing effect and so on.They are also acid and alkali corrosion resistant, durable, recyclable, economic and environmental protection.

Henan Alu Factory is a large manufacturer of 5182 aluminum sheet for can pull ring. So far,  has had more than 14 years experience production. Therefore, we can meet your customized requirements of various specifications to the greatest extent. There are not only complete alloy grades, types, temper, as well as prime quality, excellent properties, and preferential factory prices. Now, if you are looking for aluminum can alloy, then don't hesitated to contact us ! Come on !